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Monday, June 30, 2008

3rd times a charm?????

Here we go again. Cycle #3 of un-medicated IUI's. If I get pregnant this month, then pretty much the rest of this post is useless worrying.

I brought my Grandma to a fourth dentist appointment today and then made her come with me to the RE for my CD3 bloodwork and sonogram. Hey, I have wasted almost every day of my vacation taking her to the dentist, why shouldn't she suffer a little? ;)

Everything is cool. We are still following our plan of 3 non-medicated IUI's. I was called into a doctor's office after all my tests. It was not my nice, calm, and non-alarmist Dr. S. It was someone else. She was like, "after this, Clomid." Okay, I knew that was a possibility but, I also know that Dr. S. said "We will do three un-medicated cycles and re-evaluate." I want an HSG. I want to discuss why these cycles aren't working. I want to discuss if surgery to correct Stephen's varicoceles is the best answer. I don't want to be told anything!!!

I didn't like this doctor lady. She told me to make a consult appointment with Dr. S. before the end of this cycle to discuss our plan. Of course, he has a nice long vacation in the middle of my cycle. So the next appointment at that office was August 4th. "Would you like to see another doctor that we have here, Mrs. F" No, thanks. Especially not that lady I just talked to. So, I am driving 1/2 hour to see Dr. S. at the other office on July 28th. If I don't get PG, AF will have just landed. I don't think that is that so bad. If he wants me to start Clomid, it won't be too late and I don't really know what cycle day the HSG is done on. Does anyone know that?

P.S., Don't get me wrong, nothing is wrong of Clomid. I am just terrified of it. We have a one bedroom house that is 750 square feet and with this housing market, we will lose money on it if we sell right now. So, twins are a really, really scary concept for me. We also have a strong family history of twins naturally. So my fear is that Clomid will give me twins or triplets. I know we would deal. I just don't know how. I really hoped the un-medicated cycles would work for me.


Mel said...

Don't worry about multiples with clomid, it's such a low risk. Max 8% chance of twins and even less for triplets.
I had to have my HSG done as soon as I stopped bleeding from my period, I want to say it was like CD5 or something like that. They insisted that if I was still bleeding, I'd have to reschedule.
Good luck on this cycle!!

Jendeis said...

Wishing you so much luck on this cycle! I had to have my HSG done between CD 5 and CD 10. Mel's has a place where people write in about the procedure. I did not have as much pain as the people who've commented, but I would recommend taking 2-3 Advil prior to the HSG. You're on your way girl!!