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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3 years of wedded bliss!

Today is our anniversary. 3 years ago today I married the love of my life and I couldn't be happier! I love you so much Stephen. Thank you for making me so happy and putting up with all my crap!

(and that's not just because I get to stuff my face with fondue tonight!)

I haven't given Stephen my gift yet, because as he says, "I was unprepared for our anniversary!" LOL. Sorry dude. I will get my shit together tonight. I was very busy packing for our camping trip and my crazy travel anxiety got the best of me.

But.... Stephen gave me presents. Even though we agreed on only one thing.. he went overboard. grrr... He gave me the complete first season of "The Tudors". YIPPEE!! He gave me the first two installments of the newest series of my favorite trashy Amish novels! I love Beverly Lewis! And a beautiful little summer dress. I love that he was walking around Soho by himself trying to find me a dress. He said he was very stressed. For those that don't know, Soho is a very trendy celebrity heavy shopping area in NYC. It's right next to the village. It happens that Stephen works there. I just love the image of him walking into trendy little stores to try and find me something. I loves him.



Mel said...

Happy anniversary!!
Here's hoping 3 is your lucky number... you get pregnant on your 3rd cycle just as you're celebrating your 3rd wedding anniversary!!!

Jendeis said...

Congratulations doll! Have a wonderful time at fondue tonight!