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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What a jewlery-ific day!!

First, I took my e-ring with the bent prong to get fixed. They fixed it up, reshaped the band and polished it all up so pretty.

Then, I took my wedding band to get re-dipped.. WHEEWW I looks nicer than the day I bought it. My bling is sparkling!! Next, I put in my pearls to get restrung since they broke. I have been holding off doing it because, I thought it would cost so much. Yeah, it was 32$. (rolling eyes at myself)

So, then I got inspired by all the people telling me to sell my scrap gold. All I really want to buy is a small, delicate looking white gold and diamond cross. So my goal was to sell the stuff for enough to get a cross.

I took it all up to this shady place. Probably not a good idea. It smelled like maryjane.

This is what I brought in:
1 wg earring with 6-7 small diamonds and really tiny saphirre.
1 wg neclace with 7 small diamonds(this was beautiful but, it was from an ex and I didn't feel right wearing it anymore)
1 baby ring with only 2 small saphirres left in it.
1 gold bracelet
1 gold cross with about 10 really tiny diamonds in it.
1 gold cross1 gold charm4 gold earrings.

All together it weighed about 10 grams, stones included. Most of the gold was about 14K and maybe one thing was 18k.

In the end he is making me an 18K WGcross with my small diamonds and one of the saphirres from my baby ring in the center. He is giving me a thin 14k wg chain...I am giving him everything else. We are calling it even.

We went back and forth about my different options for selling and buying and in the end my head was swimming. I may have caught a contact high. So I hope I didn't get totally hosed. I really hope not. I guess I am getting what I wanted. But I hope that I couldn't have gotton something way better somewhere else. My brother was there and he was using peer pressure to get me to make the deal. LOL


alicia said...

ohh that sounds like it will be nice! don't worry about getting a better deal, you are going to get the cross you want and it wasn't like you were using the other stuff right? Can't wait to see some pics of the finsihed product!

Tricia said...

I will post a pic when I get it about 2 weeks. I am super excited!!