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Saturday, July 12, 2008

They wouldn't do my IUI today!!!

I am seeing red, for real. I am so angry. They refused to the IUI today, Saturday. They won't do it until Sunday, with a possible second on one Monday. They said that the surge on Friday would mean that I come in on Sunday because, they time from the first AM surge, which would have been today.

I feel that if I was to do back to back it should have been today and tomorrow. Monday will be too late and pointless. I know the surge doesn't mean I ovulated right then but, since I surged Friday afternoon, I could ovulate Saturday afternoon and the egg will be a little old on Sunday, and Monday it will be way past it's prime.

This was my last natural cycle and I wanted to try everything possible before we moved onto more tests and fertility drugs. I kind of want to have sex today, even though his swimmers don't work that well on their own, just to cover all bases but, he is supposed to abstain. I just don't understand why, since I am paying a lot of money for this, I can't just do the IUI today? Would it kill anyone to just do what I wanted???

Generally I like the practice and I think a lot of my stress has to come from my fear of using more aggressive means. I don't see the point of me using clomid if it is MF and my cycles are fine. I just think they want to give him more targets. But we have a very strong family history of multiples and the doctor said that my risk of multiples using clomid is then higher. We only have a one bedroom house until the housing market swings back up and I just don't know how we could handle twins or trips. If we got them naturally that's great, but, I just don't want to do anything to encourage that, you know. So, since this was my last natural cycle, I think they could have just done the IUI the way I wanted today and the repeated it Sunday, the day they wanted.

I have great IF benefits but, only if I go to a "center of excellence". If not I have to pay 20%. So I really can't switch doctors and I don't know if I want to switch anyway. Besides this stupid rationale on IUI timing based on OPK's, I have been happy. I just wish they would trust my body a little, or just appease me this month.


Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. That video is a real tear-jerker. Please keep the faith and don't stop trying. My wife and I have fought the battle for 3+ years of our 5 year old marriage. Dr.'s with NO CLUE, Test after Test, Timing, Temperatures, Drugs...nothing worked. We finally invited some close friends over for prayer, and now we are blessed with a 2009 arrival. Please don't get discouraged...Miracles are still taking place everyday...and one of them will soon be yours. Good Luck & God Bless You!

Trace said...

I did 3 natural cycles and didn't get pregnant. I did 4 w/Clomid and didn't get pregnant. I'm really scared of the multiples thing too so I opted not to try IUIs w/injectibles. We went straight to IVF (August is egg retrieval) so I know the max would be twins since we're only transferring 2 embryos. Of course that's assuming I get two embryos.

My assvise? Think seriously about switching doctors if your insurance will pay. It's really expensive, and the way you described your RE makes it sound like you don't have a lot of confidence in them.

Jen said...

Ugh. That is so annoying!
I hope it still all works out in the end.