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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Okay, a non-infertile post, if you will humor me.

I love the Jets. I only started loving football when I met my sweet hubby. He was the only guy to explain it to me and tell me fun facts during games. Other boys just shushed me or ignored me. Stephen got me into it. But, even when I wasn't into football I loved the Jets. It is in my blood. Genetic. My grandpa was a HUGE Jets fan and I had to like them. I may have been tortured into submission if I didn't. He was also a Hofstra alum. (This will make sense in a minute). Anyway, when Stephen proposed, not only did he convert to be a Catholic, but, also to be a Jets fan. (No big deal, The Titans suck and He hadn't been to his Methodist chuch in years).

So anyway, Jets training camp just opened. We have been there twice already. I brought my autograph hat the first day. And my cute Brad Smith jersey (by cute I mean, the jersey and the player...tee hee). I got some fun signatures and chatted up a few players. Then we went to Cherbet's. This is a restaurant owned by Wayne Cherbet (a former Jet and a Hofstra alum, my Grandpa loved him). The manager started chatting with us and offered to take my hat and get Wayne to sign it. So, awesome! My grandpa would have been proud. I handed it over and agreed to pick it up on Saturday.

We went to the the Saturday practice and who was signing autographs.. CHAD PENNINGTON. And I DIDN'T have my autograph hat because Wayne Cherbet had it!!!! Boooooooo.... I was so sad. SO I grabbed my Mom's hat and stood next to Chad. We are on a first name basis now ;) I was pushed, whacked in the head, sweated on, and smushed. But, I did get the autograph for my Mom and I did listen to Chad converse with the fans.

He is nice and really fun. I have heard how INCREDIBLY nice he is. And he is!!!! So in conclusion, Greenbay, I don't want your Brett Farve. I want Chad. Who cares if he can't throw the ball. He is SOOOO sweet!!!

And that my friends, is why all my previous boyfriends didn't involve me in football.

This is me in my custom made, Brad Smith, stalker jersey.

And this is Brad Smith, wearing his own jersey. (#16)

And here is Chad. I was there. Right next to the guy in the green hat and green shirt. I am just short and the guy behind me was shoving my head into the fence. Nice. Seriously, my brother was getting so mad, he wanted to punch the guy.


Mel said...

how fun, great times.
but the DALLAS COWBOYS are still #1!!!!!

Tricia said...

mel... I don't know about that!!!!