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Monday, July 28, 2008

Three strikes and she's out!!!

I started to spot yesterday. It is still very light but, there. I am sure it will pick up today. This was my third and probably final unmedicated IUI. We always said we would do 3 and then re-evaluate.

I have a consult appointment with the RE today. I don't know what our decision will be. I guess I just need to hear the doctor out and voice all of my concerns.

1. I am insisting on the hsg and I think he wants to do that too.

2. I don't know if he is going to suggest that DH go back to the urologist to get his varicocele's repaired. His counts have been a little lower but, still fine. But, his motility is going up each time!! It was actually normal last time. So I don't know that I see the point in the surgery. I also don't know why we aren't getting PG if he is doing better. I am scared there is something with me that we missed. Hence, the need for the HSG.

3. I am sure clomid will come up. I guess I should hear him out. I am just so so scared. I have a STRONG family history of fraternal twins and the doctor told me that would up my risk of multiples with Clomid. We only have a one bedroom house and in this market we have NO equity and would lose money if we sold. We bought at the height of the market If we got twins we would make it work. But, I think I would have babies sleeping in my living room. My bedroom is too small for two cribs and I am so scared of that. I just don't want to do anything that encourgages mulitples. But, if we aren't getting PG with one egg, what is to say two or three eggs will all fetilize?

Sigh.... I am very nervous.

I am also going to address my concerns with the IUI timing.


Jendeis said...

OK, take a deep breath. If this is AF, it stinks hardcore, but it seems like you have the beginnings of a plan and that's always good.

If you happen to have twins, you and DH will deal with it. Maybe you rent out your house, maybe you have babies in the living room, cross that bridge when you get to it.

So many hugs!

Mel said...

My husband also has a varicocele, but it wound up not being a big issue. He had some morphology abnormalities, but it was also minor. Counts were usually decent, so we were fine.

I def think the HSG is the way to go, that will put your mind to rest because it is SO telling.

Don't worry about multiples with clomid, seriously. Even with 2 eggs, your risk of twins is still only around 12%. I had SO MANY MONTHS with multiple follicles and nothing. And if you do miraculously end up with twins, you'll make it work. People always do-that's life!!

Good luck and *hugs*

alicia said...

good luck at the appointment!! I hope you get some answers! hang in there.

so sorry about AF, hate her.

Jen said...

Bah! Stupid AF.
I hope you get some solid answers at your appointment.