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Monday, July 21, 2008

Fake Pregnancy

Did you ever hear of a thing called "canine false pregnancy"? After the dog ovulates (about every 6 months) they enter a period of false pregnancy. It happens after the doggie ovulates and the body produces progesterone. The false pregnancy can last for 3 weeks. During that time the dog may steal stuffed toys and treat them as puppies, create nests, produce milk and even get a swollen tummy. It can be quite severe.

I think I get canine false pregnancy every month. My PMS is so friggin severe that I get every single pregnancy symptoms each month. My boobs are like 2 times their size currently. And just for extra fun they are covered in blue veins. Does this concern me? Not really. I am just fake pregnant again. It happens every month, starting around 7DPO. I also get morning sickness. And headaches. And my belly is swollen.

It ends when I get my period. After the first day of Aunt Flo, I am back to normal. I expect her later this week. I am not sure when due to my whole IUI ovulation debacle this month. It should be Friday or Saturday. Most likely Friday. I do not think I am pregnant.

So, If you are looking for me this week you can find me, nesting in the back of my closet with a stuffed animal. I might chose this cute Teddy Roosevelt bear that Stephen gave me. Hopefully, I don't start producing milk!!!

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Jamie said...

I just came upon your blog and wanted to tell you I do the same thing. IT SUCKS!!! None of my friends get the huge boobs and massive bloat. It's just a tease each month.YUP, like I need more of that. I have an infertility blog as well. if you want to read it.