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Thursday, July 10, 2008

OOOhh My follie is about to burst!!!

So ,I have one follie on the right side that is 17mm. Nice. It is just about ripe!!

I expected to get a positive OPK today just based on the bloat and the watery Cm.. sorry tmi.. but, I didn't and the bloodwork didn't show a surge either. So maybe tomorrow?

The nurse did say I could schedule the IUI tomorrow, based on my symptoms, and ignore the LH surge bussiness. But, I don't trust my body and my symptoms so, I am waiting for the smiley face on the opk's.

My Mom thinks that the LH surge monitoring hasn't worked (as in, I haven't become pregnant, because, I totally get a postive opk and a postive surge in my blood.) for the past two months and that I should have scheduled the IUI for tomorrow. But, I ignored her. If my office would do back to back I would do that. They don't. So hopefully I surge tomorrow and have the IUI on Saturday.

Do you think I made the right choice?


Trace said...

I always felt so unsure about keeping track of when I ovulated so I let the clinic keep track and then I did a trigger shot so everything would be perfectly timed.

Just Me. said...

I have no advice cuz I gave up on stalking my chart after a while.

Anyways, I was reading your history with infertility and i'm hoping for hope for you.


Mel said...

LH surge tracking never worked for me. Trigger shot (HcG) was the way to go!
When I took clomid, my RE let my follicles get to 20mm+ before he triggered me, so for whatever that is worth?
Congrats on the big, beautiful follicle, though!! I hope this is your month, girlie!!