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Monday, July 14, 2008


I had the second IUI today. It is a little weird. If you remember Stephen has crazy good counts but poor motility and poor morphology. The last two months his counts were like 121 million, I think ( I hope I have been reading it correctly, they explained it to me better today.) Yesterday, they were 63 million and today they were 23 million. So that is weird. But what is really weird is that his PREWASH motility was 70%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW!!!! I have no idea what happened. I have never looked at the prewash motility section before. I have to ask the doctor when I see him on the 28th. Maybe it has been better all along. He was taking these cool fertility vitamins but, he stopped taking them a month ago. So I wonder if they really had an effect and it is still lasting. I think he is going on them again, today!

I dreamt of my grandpa last night. I haven't dreamt of him since he died in October. (I found out I was pregnant the day before my Grandpa died. I went to his house and said I didn't feel good. Grandma said, "maybe you are pregnant?". I brushed it off because I only had one faint line and hadn't told anyone. As I was leaving Grandpa waved and I touched his hand. He pulled me in and grunted and made me kiss him. He died in his sleep that night. I miscarried a little over a week later.) My Grandpa had demtia and was a shell of himself when he died. In the last few weeks he was unable to talk at all. Even though he was sick, it was still kind of sudden. We really thought he had a good year or two left.

So, anyway, he was all his old self in dream. My Grandma was sickly and didn't want to go to church. He was dressed all nice and yelling at her to get up and go. He kept looking at me and winking and rolling his eyes. He ALWAYS used to wink like that!

I am just going to take it a sign that my Grandpa is watching over me, nothing more. But it was really nice to dream of him.

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