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Friday, July 11, 2008

I knew I should trusted my gut...

So, I wake up this morning and POAS to see a negative OPK. I called the doctor and spoke to the nurse and she concurred that my bloodwork did not show a surge and that I wasn't ready to Ovulate. I pointed out that I had a mature follice and my body symptoms are telling me that the big O is near. She says, "no". Keep using the OPK's and call us when you get a positive. She said I could do to back to back IUI's if I want but, since I didn't get the positive this morning that she expects I will be in for an IUI on Sunday or Monday. Call them if I get do not get a positive by Monday.

I hung up frustrated. I just know that they are wrong. So, I poas this afternoon around 4pm. Guess what???? A positive OPK!!!!!! GRRR, I am so angry. So I called the office and they are closed for the day. I want the IUI tomorrow. I am so sick of this testing in the AM with first morning urine when everyone knows that LH surge happens in the afternoon. I am convinced that I am catching the tail end of the surge each month by testing in the morning. Then, I get the IUI the next day and I think it is not good timing.

So, now I need to call them at 7:30 am and BEG AND PLEAD for them to do and IUI even though I didn't have one scheduled. I swear I am going to freak out if they don't it. AND I want them to do a second IUI on Sunday. I might have to pull out the bitchyness!!! I just don't understand why they didn't listen to me. I have been doing this is MY BODY for 14 months. I knew the surge was happening today!!!!!!!!! I could just cry. What if they can't do the IUI tomorrow morning?

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Just Me. said...

I am getting all upset for you reading your post! GRRR!!!!

I am really do hope they listen to you! It's just frustrating when they don't! *hugs*