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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Going Camping!

Well tomorrow starts summer school! Yuck. That's right kiddos, teachers hate it as much as students.

But, right after school ends we are heading south to PA to go camping!!! My dh and I, my two brothers, my parents and my sister and her boyfriend are all going! I have travel anxiety issues so I started packing on Monday and just finished up today. Now I am just anxious because Stephen hasn't packed yet.

So, I am off to hike, geocache, ride old wodden roller coasters at Knoebels, eat smores and be afraid of bears. I am such a city girl that I bought a bear bell to wear around my wrist, just in case. The weekend we got engaged we were at a bear infested camp ground and I could hear them outside our tent. I cried all night. So, in order to keep Stephen from pummeling me, I have a bear bell. LMAO!

So have a great 4th of July everyone!! Talk to you Monday!

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Mel said...

Have a fun trip!!