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Monday, July 28, 2008

Back from the RE

Okay. So it went okay. We talked for LOOONG time about everything. I cried like a jerk.

He wants me to try Clomid at 50 mg. We talked and talked about twins and trips and what not. My chances are higher than most peoples on Clomid. But, he put some perspective on my incompetent house (1 bedroom). Something I kind of have been thinking but, people tell me I am nuts. People do it all the time in small houses. If we have to we put twins in the living room for a while and then when the market swings back, we get a bigger house. We traded stories of sharing a room with 3-4 siblings. Guess what, I am not all messed up from it and neither is he. So if it happens, it happens. I just have to give it up to God and realize that I will handle it.

He also understands why I have such a hard time with believing the small chance of having twins. My Dh is a Clomid twin. So, he says "in your mind it is a hundred percent because you have your own case study". He's right. And in the end. Dh's side also had natural twins and we don't know why he was a twin, Clomid or family history.

I am having the HSG test. Probably early next week. He says "it is time for that test". He doubts that there is anything wrong but, he says that it increases your chances of getting pregnant and there is always a chance that I had one tube blocked. (I got pg once and miscarried). Dh's motility has soared in the last few months with no explanation why. He still has the varicocele but, I guess that is just one less obstacle.

I am very, very upset about taking more aggressive measures. But I guess we have to if we want a baby. He did mention IVF which freaked me out. At first he just said that if I have a crazy response to clomid they may convert the cycle to IVF (since I have the coverage) or just cancel it and re-eval what we are doing. He also said that after 3-4 cycles of clomid he wants to consider IVF. So that was really scary to hear. But I guess I just have to deal with it. And make that choice when we come to it. Anyway.. Thanks for listening and for all the kind words.


Jen said...

I know IVF is really scary. But just know that if it comes to that (and I hope it doesn't) you will be able to do it. You can get used to anything when you find out that it is your only option.

Tricia said...

Jen- Thanks. I know I will be able to do it, If i need to. Actually that scares me way less than IUI with clomid does. I feel like IVF is more controlled, numbers wise. You know? We'll see.

Amy said...

I can not advise you on the procedures but can offer some strength to you BUT what I can say is that I have five children and we live very comfortably in a three bedroom house in which one bedroom is used for a guest room and classroom. As a family we believe in co-sleeping (this is not for everyone but it has worked for us). We recently sold our house BUT before we did we had a huge four bedroom house and we all slept in one bedroom - it was a big room and we all had our own beds but none the less -- it was the best choice for all of us to actually get some sleep! Just some thoughts!Good luck!

theclam said...

The good thing is that your RE is starting off with the HSG to make sure your structure is all good... My first crappy RE missed that step and 3 years later we figured out oops septum in uterus... You have a good plan and you will handle whatever comes!


Tricia said...

When we were doing IVF, our embryo quality wasn't great so at the last minute our RE decided it was best to place FOUR embryos in my uterus. I was sitting there in only a paper hospital gown freaking out. I had to make a decision whether or not I was going to follow the doctor's recommendation. With my age and health at the time, normally they'd only place two embryos. After sobbing for 15 minutes because I was so scared that I'd have quads, I took a deep breath and just said, OK, let's do this. Creating a baby with medical help is just one step at a time, and you'll be able to handle anything, even if right now it seems outrageous.

Carrie said...

I was the same way. "What... I have to go on Clomid??? What about multiples? I have multiples all over both sides of my family. I'll never do IVF." And here we are starting IVF. It's a process each of us has to go through... deciding how much we will do and how much we can handle. Don't let the possibility stress you out though... just face it if it comes to that.