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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Last night around 4pm to about 9pm, I had major O pains. I know I o'ed last night. So, I had the IUI this morning around 10am. I hope the little eggie held on that long. The doctor told us to have intercourse tomorrow and I aksed about the back to back IUI. She said she have a problem with it. So, we are going back tomorrow at 7am. I am taking a half day. Kind of stinks because I don't get paid sick days for summer school but, whatever. It will be worth it if it works. I don't have much faith in it working though. Please, Keep us in your thoughts!

Edited to say: I got more braces bunch mail yesterday!! I love it. Thanks Sandra. Now I really need to sit down and write out some cards!!

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Mel said...

Wow, you had a long weekend!
I am sorry for all the ups and downs, but hopefully this will be it for you. ;)
Thinking only the best thoughts!!