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Monday, July 28, 2008


So I call to get the HSG appointment and they start asking me all sorts of questions. One was, "Do you have asthma?".

Me- "Yes (pause), Very mild though".

Lady on phone asks me a few more questions, then goes, "I don't know if we can do this test if you have asthma?"

Me- "Why? Seriously I use my inhalers a few times year, and mostly only when I get bronchitis. What could the problem be?"

Lady- "Well is has to do with the test prep we do."

Me- ????????????????????????

Lady- "I will have to talk to the doctor and then I will call you back. I have never had a patient who needs this test but has asthma before."

Me-????????????????????????? When can I expect to hear from you? (Yes, with a real bitchy tone)

Lady- "In a few hours."

It has been 5 hours. It is 9:05. I don't think she is calling me back. But ladies. If I am not mistaken this test does not inject me with brochitis germs, ask me to run a mile, or increase the heat to 97 degrees and the humidity to 100%. Right? Because, if not, I am not having an asthma attack. I am talking I have MIIIILLLLD asthma. It is more asthmatic bronchitis than anything.

I could just scream.


waitingforbabyk said...

Thats crazy! You can't possibly be the only person with asthma to need a HSG at your clinic. I hope it works out! Good luck

Mel said...

I have asthma and that wasn't an issue when I had my HSG done??

alicia said...

this dosen't even make sense! I have severe asthma and I had a HSG and wasn't even questioned!!!! silly nurse.