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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend's Over.

*(Here is a picture of Dh and I enjoying the music today!)

I don't know about the rest of the country but, it was H O T in NY this weekend. Really, Really HOT! I was kind of sick yesterday. I had a serious headache that I couldn't kick with any Motrin or migraine meds. But I was outside all day and running around in the car. I really think it was heat related even though we spent a good part of the day sitting in my Mom's pool. So for today, I took it easy and made Stephen do all the work. He mowed the lawn and washed both cars. Yes, I tried to kill him today!

Then we went to Freeport for the Nautical Mile Festival. There was a band playing at one the bar/restaurants. It was called the "Good Rats".* They were a local band my parents used to see billion years ago. I have no idea who they are but sitting on a restaurant on a dock listening to live music with a cold beer is not something I pass up. So we went with Grandma in the wheelchair, my parents and my aunt and uncle. The owner took pity on us (he was probably a little scared that Grandma would have a stroke in the heat) and found a nice spot on the edge of the dock in the shade with really nice chairs and little tables.

It was really fun! I mean, granted, it was a bunch of old people dressed like they timwarped from 30 years ago with a brain malfunction that makes them think they still look good in those clothes, but still fun. My Dad was grooving and my uncle had a permagrin. I think it is kind of how I will look at the NKOTB concert. But it was pretty funny. All the old ladies were dancing and grooving and hooting and drinking, a lot.
I got all dolled up, because, why not? . My boobs were hanging out, so of course, I ran into one of my horny middle school students. I hid. Then I felt guilty and went to go say hi but, he was gone. Oh well, I meant well.

At the end of the day we had a bunch of thunderstorms with cool lightning and very little rain roll in. There was some impressive strikes over the water. Then we went back to my Mom's and she made a FANTASTIC summer dinner!!

So, now I feel so great going into the week! I have a sono scheduled to check out my endometrial lining (pray that is it thickened up) and then and IUI by midweek!

The only negative thing I need to say is that temps are hitting around 100 degrees and I have no A.C. in my office and the windows don't open. This is the one day that I will be really hating the principal's new "no sleeveless shirt dress code". I may have to break it. If he complains I will make him sit in my office for a nice half hour speech session in the sweat box!

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Trace said...

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully your husband made it home safely and less frazzled than I was.