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Sunday, May 18, 2008

5 DpIUI....

Start the jeopardy music....

Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Dum da Dum Dum DUm DUm DUm....

I hate the waiting... Seriously.. This stinks. I have my progesterone level blood test on Tuesday.. Another really early day. The appointment is at 6:30 am.. YIKES!!

So the other night I saw a fantastic movie that I have wanted to see for a while now.

The Business of Being Born. Directed by Ricki Lake..

Fantastic. It is no secret that I am all for the natural means of childbirth. I used a midwife before I miscarried and I loved her. I know that I have no idea what I am "in for" and I really believe that it is my decision. I am not against epi's for certain reasons but I don't want one, if all goes well. Of course if there is an unforeseen MEDICAL EMERGENCY (read: not that I am not progressing according to some else's schedule or whatever other reasons the doctors will scare you with) then I am all for whatever means there are needed to save the life of myself or my baby. I don't think I am better or stronger than anyone, I don't want to be a hero... let's see what other horrifying and ignorant things have been said to me?? Oh yeah, I am not putting my future child in danger, I am not snotty, and I am NOT (repeat NOT) judging anyone for their decisions. They are a personal matter and I respect them. SO to all the people that have been on back about how I will birth my not-yet conceived child... Please back off. (Or I will horrify you all and have a home birth!!)
But anyway... did I sound bitter? I am a little. With all this debate before I even conceive I can't even imagine how many people will have opinions on what's best for my baby when I am pregnant or after he/she is born. (((Banging my head into a wall)))

Did you know that in NY there is over a 45% c-section rate? Correct me if I'm wrong.. aren't sections for medical emergencies? (scratching my head) My own OB practice has well over 50% section rate. That's 1 in 2 births ending in a section!!!! Holy smoke!!! Now do you people see why I am going with a midwife? I want a section to be used as a LAST resort in a medical emergency that will save me or my baby from death or serious injury and only that. So KUDOS to Ricki Lake for bringing this issue to the forefront. Let's start some serious discussion about the crisis in OB care in America!! (which by the way rates 2nd, yes 2nd in infant and maternal death during childbirth)

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Jendeis said...

I loved the movie too. My thoughts are too long to share in a comment, so I'll just link to my post on the subject, here.