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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Turkey................ Basted!!!

So that's it. I did it. My first (and maybe, hopefully, pretty please God, last) IUI!!!!!!!

At 6:40 this morning I stuffed a foil covered cup of sperm in my bra and began the drive to the RE's office. I was much more of a pro navigating the office hallways, or so I thought. Until I went in and signed in. I sat for a minute or two when I was told I was in the wrong place.. Sure.. yup.. I'm still a rookie. So I found the place were I dropped off Dh's swimmers for a good washing. Then I went and grabbed a cup of tea at Starbuck's and listened to some calming music on my IPOD.

I got back to the office around 7:30 and I SWEAR my ex boyfriend's frat brother was sitting in the waiting room. I looked down and averted eye contact until he left. I didn't even look long enough to ID whether or not it was really him. Men don't age as nicely as us women do, you know? I really didn't need the awkward conversation that I get to have when ever I run into one of his friends, at all, let alone while I am waiting for an IUI. Yeah that's fun. Luckily, either it wasn't him or he didn't recognize me.

So when I finally get called in the make me check Dh's test tube of sperm 90 gazillion times. Seriously, I am glad for this, but, if one more person showed me a test tube of sperm and asked me, "Is this your husband?" It was kind of funny...But now for the BEST PART!!!!!

Drum roll.......

120 million sperm post wash, with 95% motility!!!!! (After the wash of course! But still that is pretty freaking great. I didn't know that the washing could have that dramatic of an effect!) Yeppers!!!!! Dh has been calling himself super sperm all day. So Dh always had phenomenal counts (like 160 million) but just had really slow, confused swimmers, with funny shapes (low motility, little to no forward progression and low morphology if you want to get technical). So I am soooo psyched!!!!!

The IUI itself was not so bad. No pain at all. And the doctor just told me to go have some fun with Dh tonight.. Look out hunny!!

They drew some blood and I just got a message from the office saying that I am not ovulating and the timing was off so I should come back in tomorrow. I freaked and called back. I can totally feel myself Oing today, My boobs are starting to hurt, what are they talking about??? Ummm, when I called, I had them all confused. They have no idea why I got that message. My LH was like 88. I am totally ovulating. Like now. I am little worried about that and I am starting to feel very grateful that I checked that test tube so many times. But I am going to not think about it. That could drive me nuts. So I don't need to go back tomorrow for a second IUI. Hopefully that is all it takes. Hopefully. But not too much hope. Then you just get crushed and defeated later. (BTW.. have I mentioned that AF is due just days before what would have been my due date if I didn't miscarry.. Yeah I could be an emotional basketcase by the month's end)

I have to go back next week to have my progesterone levels drawn.

Let the Two week wait obsessing begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jendeis said...

So glad that everything worked out with the O'ing and the swimmers. Super indeed. Did DH do anything to improve motility? That's what we're having issues with.

Keeping fingers crossed during the 2ww. I think we're cycle sisters (cuz I just started one too)! This is (hopefully) our last natural cycle before we start IUIs.

Alison said...

Coming over from Lost and Found to say hi and welcome. Good luck on this cycle!!

tishypoo said...


He took some vitamins from GNC after the first SA and that got his motility from 27% to 37%. But... on the second SA it showed low morphology which was not a problem on the first SA. So I really don't know how much help the vitamins helped.

The motility from today was just a result of the wash they did on the sample to prepare it for the IUI. That is not really his motility. He wishes...LOL. The washing does something to the sample. It lowers the numbers but improves the motility and Maybe (?) the morphology as well. I have no idea how though??

Good luck with your cycle!

On My Mind 24/7 said...

Hi there, saw you on Lost and Found. I am a relatively new blogger too and I just had my first IUIs on Friday and Saturday. Your DH's counts are super! Good luck to you!

Mya said...

Came over from L&F. I had my first IUI today, so I am right there with you. Sounds like you have great counts! Hopefully this will be it for you!

Leah said...

Great counts, I'll have everything crossed and will say plenty of prayers for you during this 2WW. Sorry about that message from your clinic, that would have freaked me out too -- glad they were wrong.

Welcome to the Braces Bunch! I've been meaning to comment since getting the list of new folks from JJ, but have been following your blog for a few weeks now. I'll be reading and cheering you on!

PJ said...

Hi! I found you on Lost and Found and see some of my blog friends have found you as well! Welcome!

First, I HOPE that this is it and you conceive the first round. It happens, and that would be so awesome!

I am nosey, and so you don't have to answer this at all and I will completely understand. I was just wondering what the morphology percentage was? My husband almost always gets a 1%, and everything else is normal. We've had a rough go of it.

The blogs are a wonderful source of support, and I will be reading to find out what happens next. I am also in the two week wait.

tishypoo said...

PJ, I don't know what the morphology was post wash. They didn't tell me and I was so happy with the count and the motility that I didn't ask.
In the first SA his morphology was normal. In the second it was lower. I "think" 14% but don't quote me. Morphology wasn't really our main concern. It was really the low motility with a low foward progression score.