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Thursday, May 1, 2008

How Stephen Makes Life Fun!

Okay, So I love my husband. He has a great gift of turning his nervous energy into immature antics that make me laugh.. most of the time.

Here are some the completely inappropriate things he has done in a effort to make me less stressed during the doctor visits.
1. This one goes back to when I was having the miscarriage. We were in the sonogram room waiting for the tech to come and do the wonderful internal sono!(more on that later) DH stands up and grabs the light (you know, the one that is attached to the table so the doctor can see up there.. emmm yeahh). and he starts talking into it like is a microphone. He is stretching the damn thing every which way, while of course I am talking a stern voice trying to get him to sit down and be quite.. All the while I am trying not show him how amusing I really think he is.

2. Later that same appointment.. the sono tech comes in and she is preparing the large dildo they like to call a sono probe. And I see her reach over and take one of the probe covers out of the box. For anyone who hasn't been through this, they look like giant condoms. So I see this and I close my eyes and I am silently praying that DH can rise above his usual maturity and let this go. I turn over and I swear he was turning purple from tying not to laugh... I give him "The Look". Which I guess he thought was a challenge because, he proceeds to ask the tech if those are condoms and why are they so big and various other horrifying questions. I was dying.. dying I tell you!! Thank god she had a sense of humour and was joking along with him! Then she squeezes the gel on the probe and of course, of course it makes a farting noise. The sono tech and him start cracking up and making fart jokes!!! I swear!!!

3. We are at the RE. Who we now know does not share DH's unique brand of humor. The RE is explaining that he needs Stephen's signature so that when I bring in a sample he can match the signature and know that it is Stephen's sample and not some random guy.. okay.. yeah.. really??? But DH thinks it is the appropriate time to tell the RE that we are both short and he will be checking our future child's height to make sure no switcheroo's went on. He got "The Look". Thank god this time he shut up. He did almost fall off his chair when we were discussing the meds and the possibilities of trips or quads.. That I found funny!

4. This one took the cake. He is sitting on the table at the Urologists office in nothing but a hospital gown. We are waiting for the Dr. to come see us. I am sitting directly in front of the table. In the middle of a sentence, he leans back and puts his feet in the stirrups! Giving me the WORST view of his twigs and berries that I ever care to take in!! I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. So he just up and starts playing with all the instruments on the counter. We hear the door open and the doctor walks in. So he tells her "sorry, we were just fooling around". The poor doctor starts stuttering because she thought he meant "fooling around", you know baby dancing!!! Oh Lord.. we were dying!!!!!!

So all in all.. I admit that even thought I give him "The Look", I am so happy he is there to make me smile through all this!

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