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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am feeling so much better today.

Really. So I think I get to do two posts. One nice quote and one of the hot men at Jones Beach State Park on Saturday. This post will be completely inappropriate for someone who is trying very hard to make a baby with her wonderful husband... but, I am having a rough week.. so whatever!! (And don't mind my pmsing fat tummy and bloated boobs.. Seriously, I should have known AF was coming when I put on that old lady bathing suit!! Back to Weight Watchers anyone?)

1st Picture: Dh buried in the sand and my Dad pretending to poop on his head.. I know.. Feel bad for me. Dh seriously took the shovels away from my little cousins and dug himself a huge hole. Sigh.

2nd Picture: Dh and I posing with the helicopter.

3rd Picture: Me and the Men I will mention below.. humana humana humana

DH will not take me in to Manhattan for Fleet Week anymore. I can't imagine why. I mean seriously, so my eyes barely look at my DH all day. So I drool like a 2 year old, So I stare inappropriately at men in uniform... mmmmm... Did I mention that that the only time I ever cheated (and by cheated I mean kissed...for real.. I'm prude) on my ex was with a drunken guy in a sailor suit on St. Patty's day?

So instead of Fleet Week we go to the Air Show. My Mom and I usually escape and find some sweaty guy in a uniform standing on the boardwalk and chat him up. My DH and my Dad look at planes and eat ice cream. But this year.. OH this year.. The coast guard did their usual helicopter rescue thing, (they dump some guys in the water and fish them out)but this year they dumped them in a second time and the guys swam to shore in there wet suits while little kids, teenage girls, and me :) swarmed around them and took pictures. Let me tell you. They filled out a wetsuit nicely. I was so giddy. Dh goes "Guys, can my wife take a picture with you? It would make her day."

So Yeah to DH for letting me flirt with the Coast Guard Men. It still doesn't come close to Fleet Week but, it will do.

Oh on a side note. Someone my cousin works with went home with one of the Blue Angel Pilots on Saturday night. I am not going to say I am jealous.. but NICE!!! I am in awe. There is something about a guy flying a plane like that at crazy speeds in all those stunts.. mmmm...

Okay.. So now I will be nice. My DH is very sexy, cute, and sweet and would never want to go anywhere in life without him. But there is nothing sexy about advertising. He looks at the Jets Flight Crew girls and I look at men in uniform. We are even.

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