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Thursday, May 8, 2008

CD10 Visit!

So yesterday I had my CD10 Sono to check on my follicle growth. The appointment was at 6:30 a.m. That's right A.M!(groan)Free Smiley Face Courtesy of So, Anyway I was soooo not getting up alone at that hour and I made DH get up with me. He was thrilled (note: sarcasm). So we set the alarm for 5:15 and were not too happy when that alarm went off. I showered and Stephen made me breakfast and lunch. I was out the door by 5:50. Guess what?? There was no traffic. NO ONE ELSE IS UP THAT EARLY.. EVEN ON LONG ISLAND. So anyway.. I have to time how long it takes me to get from my door to the waiting room of the RE so we know if Stephen needs to make his "deposit" at home or at the lab. Of course it takes me 15 minutes to get the parking garage. (but it is quite a maze to get over the foot bridge into the RE's office.) So I think, Okay I really early but this good. I jump out of the car and over to elevator. I press 4. But the elevator starts to go down.. WHY?? What's going on? Then it stops at 1 and nothing happens.. Oh crap.. I am stuck in an elevator. I start to sweat, panic and curse when the elevator starts moving on its own again. I am back up at 2. What the hell. I jump out and there is a very kind women standing there that says, "Is it still turned off?" Huh? What? Apparently they don't turn it on until 6:28. So much for timing my trip. We'll call it 20 minutes with no traffic. It may be worse if I have a later appointment but 20 minutes sounds good.
So I go back to the car and read for a bit. When I get back, the women and I stand around in uncomfortable silence for a couple of mintues. Does she know what I am here for?? When the elevator is switched on we go up to the floor. Guess what? I have no idea where to go. I totaly forgot. She must have noticed and goes, "follow me, we are all going to the same place." Bless her! She goes, I am going to show you the short cut. So I am a total rookie and I am so grateful for this girl helping me. Then we get to the RE and she goes, "you sign in first, you were here first." How nice! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of I love her an would love her to be my new best friend!

So anyway.. onto the nitty gritty. I have one follicle on my right ovary that is about 14.5 mm. It needs to be between 17-20 to be mature. There are 3 under 10 there also. The lining is 5 ( I have no idea what that means?Free Smiley Face Courtesy of )
So I tell the nurse that I normally ovulate on CD16 and she said that my measurements make sense then. She sends me over for some blood work. I guess it is all normal because she said I would hear that morning if it wasn't. So now I need to start using the Ovulation predictor kits. I started this morning. So far I just got the " O ". I am waiting for the Free Smiley Face Courtesy of . Then I need to call in and schedule the IUI for the very next morning. So we are looking at somewhere between Sunday and Tuesday!!! Yipee!!

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