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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Abbreviations I May Use.

Just so we are all speaking the same langauge.

TWW- Two week wait. The two weeks between Ovulation and AF.....A.K.A. When all rational thinking goes out the window.
AF- Aunt Flow, The crimson tide.. Dude call it what you will, it stinks to be a girl sometimes.
BD- Baby Dancing, The horizontal Mambo, Sex.
O- Ovulation, Not be confused with the Big "O".. Hee hee.
CD- Cycle Day. What day in a the cycle you are
DPO- Days past ovulation
LP- Luetal phase. The two weeks before AF
RE- Reproductive Endrocrinologist (The big guns)
SA- Semen Analysis
POAS- Peeing on a stick.. Yup the pregnancy test. I am trying hard to resisit this urge
OPK-Ovualtion Predictor Kit. The digital ones give you smiley face when it is time to BD.. or in our case.. give a sample to a cup.. This is another version of POAS.
DH- That would be Stephen, Darling Husband
DW- That would be Trish, Darling Wife
TTC- Trying To Concieve
IUI- Intra-uterine Insemination
MF- Male factor infertility (also MFI, or just MI)

Okay that is enough homework for now.. Have fun with that!

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