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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby Dust


That is my progesterone level. Not bad. I saw somewhere that you want above 10 for non-medicated and above 15 for a medicated cyles.

I am a non-medicated cycle so that is good! I am relaxed now. Now I just have to try and keep my hair attached to my head until Tuesday for my blood pregnancy test or the wretched bitch Aunt Flo.

I need a little baby dust right now

So here is my question? Does anyone else get raging PMS. Like, so bad, that you actually get almost every single early pregnancy symptom each month? I do!! Lucky me. I am sitting here, 9DpIUI, analzing my symptoms and I popped them into fertility friend... and guess what I get all the same symptoms of pregnancy each month. For instance, really sore , swollenboobs and nips (((blushing))), blue veins on my boobs, pulling, pinching, cramping in my belly, gas, bloating, fatigue, bleeding gums, skin break outs (my most favorite pms symptom), and yes, I get morning sickness. Last month I almost made my aunt pull over the car so I could yack. Seriously it is not fair. Everyone keeps asking me if I have any symptoms.. and guess what I do! But I have them every month. So far, I have sore and swollen boobs, sore boobs, bloating, gas(fun for me), fatigue, bleeding gums (but I just got a new tootbrush and it really hurts. Dh got the same one and his hurts too. So that could be the explanation), TONS of cramping, pulling, pinching, and poking in my belly.

So it is a little baby or a big fat unwelcome visitor that I am dealing with. AF is due Tuesday. We shall see. All I can say is that it is going to be a loooong weekend!

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