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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Introducing Us.

Hi, I am Trish and my DH (darling husband) is Stephen. We are starting this blog as a way to chronicle our journey through infertility. I promise that after this I will try to inject some humor into my posts and DH will help. He is far funnier than I am. He is also quite experienced in this whole blog thing, while I am a novice. I am making the abbreviations that I will be using from now on in Red. Know them, love them, use them.
So here is our story from the top.
We started trying in June of 2007. I will admit I was really naive and thought that we would get pregnant right away. Everyone told me to expect that it might take a while and I nodded, I said, "Of course, I know". But really.. I knew that wouldn't happen to us. So we started bd-ing (baby dancing-sex-blush blush) like crazy. Each month would go by and we were unsuccessful. But low and behold just as we started to get nervous we got pregnant! We had gone to a wedding in Atlanta and I we had some vacation luck. We found out in the end of September. I had a faint line on Friday and I called my mom and my aunt.. and few friends. Then on Saturday, the line disappeared. I had some weird pains and I got freaked out. I drove all the way to PA for a baby shower, crying the whole way. I started to feel better and by the time I got home I was feeling good. That would be until I walked in the door and my husband sat me down and told me my grandpa died that morning. I was devastated to say the least. The next morning however I pulled out a digital and tested and saw that wonderful word "pregnant"! So I told my whole family and we all marveled at how amazing the circle of life could be. We lost someone and gained someone in one day. And of course my baby had a very special angel looking over him or her.
We dealt with the next week which was very difficult but, we got through it. I met my wonderful midwife that next Friday and things were looking up. Sunday I went to my high school reunion. I was dancing and gossiping and having a great time. I kept trying to ignore the strong cramp I was having. That is until I went to the bathroom and realized that I was spotting. I knew right then that it was over. We went home and had to call everyone and tell them that I had miscarried.
The miscarriage was long and bad and I spotted and bled for close to 30 days! But once it was over I thought okay.. women are more fertile after miscarriages, lets start trying right away. We didn't skip a month. My OB told us we ovulated right after the miscarriage and we were back on board.
After a few more months we began to have that bad feeling again. I don't have the greatest relationship with my OB and I really wanted to switch, so when DH went to his annual physical he convinced the doctor to give him a script for a semen analysis. The results were as we suspected, low motility. However he had a GREAT count. Like 150 million.
So we found ourselves a great urologist that specializes in fertile. She did a repeat SA and a sonogram of him. Guess what.. counts are still great but, now the morphology is low, along with his motility. He has two varicociles. But since his counts are high she wants us to try IUI (insemination, turkey basting if you will).
So she gave us the name of a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) and off we went!

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