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Monday, May 12, 2008

And the hysteria begins....

Do you know me? I over think EVERYTHING... I mean EVERYTHING... So here I was at 6:00 this morning freaking out about the timing of the IUI...and chasing my dog and a rabbit around the backyard.

So, the RE has been telling me to use the OPK's with first morning urine. Which is wrong??? You are supposed to use them around 3-4pm to catch the LH surge. Correct??? So whatever, I listened. Because I am sheep and will follow someone with fancy degrees on their wall.

I tested yesterday and nothing.
I tested this morning and got the smiley face. But, I seriously think that If I tested yesterday at 3pm I would have seen the smiley face.

Also, Saturday I had the nasty egg white cervical mucous. I should have warned you about this post being TMI but You know what??? This is a post about fertility treatments. There is bound to be some TMI stuff everyone once in a while. (((wink.)))

**Looking back on the past 6 months I always get**
EWCM then,
the next day I get the the smiley then,
the next day I Ovulate (or at least feel the ovulation pain.. or gas...)

So I really think that I followed this same pattern this month. I got EWCM on Saturday late night and I got the smiley face this morning. But since I didn't test yesterday afternoon, only early in the A.M. I have no way of knowing if I would have seen the smiley face yesterday afternoon. I can only assume that I would have. If so, I should Ovulate today. I am also starting to feel ovulation pains on my right side that are getting stronger as the day goes on.

So, Anyway, I called the doctor at 7am and explained to the nurse that I think that if we wait until tomorrow to do the IUI that we will have missed ovulation. Se says that you Ovulate 36 hours after the surge (a.k.a smiley face). Well, don't you think that if I had the smiley this morning that I would have also had it at 3pm yesterday? How does she know that my surge began at 6 am this morning and not at 3pm the day before? She insists that coming in tomorrow is the appropriate time. So I concede and I am going in tomorrow. Again. I am a sheep. Baaaaa.

But, my gut tells me that I am missing it and I should have gone in this morning. I don't know why she didn't say, "just come in today". But she didn't. So now I am a bundle of stress.

So thank goodness for the wonderful ladies at who talked me back from the brink of insanity this morning!! They all told me that they think I will be fine. Even if I do ovulate this minute the egg should survive about 24 hours ( I HOPE!!! ) and even if I get the IUI after I ovulate I could be okay. PRAY HARD FOR ME!!! DH's swimmers need to wake up, find a map and get to the promised land tomorrow. No time for fooling around up there!!!

So, as all this is going on my silly dog is scratching at the door. I let her out and see her bolt across the lawn after a flash of white cotton tail... That's right. My dog attempted to murder a bunny...Did I tell you what time it was? 7am. Right. SO I run out and I chase the dog, who is chasing the bunny, Tom And Jerry style, around the backyard. I am screaming like a nut and my heart is jumping out of my throat. So I finally corner the little nut, right onto of my baby hosta which has been growing so nice. She proceeds to smash it to bits. Of course. But I did grab her by the scruff and get her into my arms. And as a reward she rubbed her muddy paws all over my white sweater. I put her inside and I go back out to try and coax the confused bunny out of my yard. Guess what? Bunnies are afraid of people. So, I gave up and went back in and for the rest of the morning I listened to my dog scratching at the window and screaming at the bunny.. because that is what I needed today.. LMAO!!! At least I can see the humor in this.

So.... Drum roll.. TOMORROW is my first IUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaahoooo... But only a little wahoo because I am so nervous that my egg will pop out and then poop out before I get there. Maybe I will get DH to sit on my stomach to keep the egg warm so it doesn't hatch.. LOL


JJ said...

Wishing you the BEST of luck tomorrow!! Praying for a great follicle and strong swimmers!

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Hi fellow Buncher! Hope that everything goes wonderfully!