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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Big Guns!!!

So this is a little summary of our "bringing in the big guns" appointment. More commonly known as the RE.
Basically we filled out a bunch of paperwork and then talked to the doctor for a while. My mom told me she thought she knew him and that he had a big civil war mustache. Which if you know Stephen, a HUUUUGE civil war buff, made him SOOO happy.
So imagine our disappointment when the Dr. was just a normal looking guy. So either my mom got him confused with someone, or he shaved.
We told him our whole convoluted story, (see post number one)and he explained what he thought we should do.
He agreed that Dh had a nice count and that our concerns were the motility and the morphology. He thinks that since my cycles have been somewhat regular that I am ovulating on my own and that we can forgo drugs for now. He told us about 3 levels of IUI. He mentioned that we should try about 3 cycles of unmedicated IUI (Level 1)before we try Clomid. At this point he doesn't think we need it and when we mentioned the family history of twins he said our chances of twins would be even higher than the normal 10-15% with using clomid. If those IUI's don't work, we would consider Clomid (Level 2), or surgery to repair Stephen's varicociles. So, then he told us about Level 3. Basically more drugs and the possibilities of triplets and quads. This is where Stephen almost hit the floor. He goes "Doc what are you trying to do to me. We only have one bedroom." Again, the doctor didn't think he was funny and just raised his eyebrows! I shot Stephen "The Look" again. He got very quiet. I laughed on the inside.
So then we did a ton of bloodwork. All of the hormonal levels on me have come back normal so far. We will have to wait until Cd21ish or 7DPO to test my progesterone. He thinks this is a possibility of an issue for me. Low progesterone can make it difficulty for you to hang onto a pregnancy (i.e., increased risk of miscarriage). He thinks that this may be my issue because of the weird spotting that I have.

When then did a baseline sonogram. God I hate seeing that empty uterus. I looked over at Stephen and told him that one day we will see something in there! He teared up and we were kind of quiet for the rest of that test.

Then we made an appointment for me to go back next week for another sonogram at 6:30 in the morning on Wednesday.. UGHHHHHHH.. But that will show how my follicles are progressing and predict when I may ovulated. Then I start using OPK's and when I get that smiley face I call and make an appointment to get turkey basted the next morning!! As long as Stephen's counts are over 5 million after the wash, we will only do one IUI per cycle. If Stephen has a bad day, then we go to doing back to back IUI's (i.e., two IUI's in a row).

SO that's it!!! We have a plan!!! You don't know how good this feels. I have so much hope!!

Hopefully the rest of my posts won't be soo long or boring. But that's the story up until now!

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