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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Update on CD3 visit. A few days late.

So I went for my CD3 visit on Thursday.
All is well. Hormones came back okay and the baseline sono was good. I am going back next Saturday for my sono to see when I should ovulate and I start using my OPK's on Thursday. That's all. They basically told me that with my age and DH's counts after the wash, we are looking at 20- 30% chance each IUI. So it is just a matter of beating the odd's. We didn't do it last month. So, hopefully we will this month. We are continuing with the plan of unmedicated IUI's for the next two months.

So, I went to Fairway and Ivarone Bros. today (BTW, they are two of the 3 most ridiculously good food stores on earth, missing from my trip today was Trader Joe's but, I went there last night) and I went for Japanese food last night.

All this yummy food, wine (of which I am sipping as I type, which would excuse any gross misspellings or grammar mistakes), cookied fish (since I don't like sushi), and soft imported cheeses, reminds me of the ONE AND ONLY good thing about getting AF each month. I get to eat and drink all of the above.

DH and I are kind of wino's and each month when I get AF, I spend the next two weeks chugging all the wine I can before I ovulate because, you know.. I might not be able to indulge for about 2 years, especially since I will breastfeed. So last night we had Japanese food, Saki and all sorts of things loaded with mercury. Today I am having fresh mozzarella over tomatoes drizzled with balsamic and some EVOO, Ravioli with the best vodka sauce on earth, Italian bread and two big glasses of vino. And of course all the Diet Coke I can drink. YUUUUMMMMM

In a few weeks, If I get my BFP, I will happily give it all up (meaning the fish, wine, caffeine. But for now I am being big, fat, drunk, glutton. And I love it.

Of course, I have being using this thought process to comfort myself for the past year. It still works. Maybe one day it won't, but for now.. I am very happy right now.

And I am listening to "Old School" NKOTB while I type (I just downloaded a bunch of songs from ITunes.. much to Stephen's dismay). This is clearly a side effect of all the wine! So I am over my pity party from last Monday.. and Hangin Tough.

OMG.. "This one's for the children" just started playing. Please, tell me you remember this!! "Remember when we said, girl, please don't go?" Hopefully this cycle has the "right stuff".. Okay I will stop.. but I really don't want to!!!


Jendeis said...

Oh, your dinner sounds so great. Wine lover, but I don't know anything about wine. Hoping to learn more. Any recommendations? I usually like the sweet whites.

JJ said...

I loooooove wine. Let's make a wine date--NY and NC arent tooo far away from each other;)
Im so sorry this cycle didnt work, Trish...

Tricia said...


I like sweet wine too. We go to the Long Island Vineyards a lot. I don't know if you can find anything from Pindar by you, but Pindar, Winter White is yummy. The other LI wines that I like are a little too local to find out of NY.

Sure, We'll meet halfway. :)
Thanks, I am a little sad but I am moving on and putting all my energy into this next cycle!